Kenya Martin is officially appointed Headmaster of Elba Elementary School | news

The Elba Education Committee met on Tuesday evening, June 29th, for the regular monthly board meeting, and the group voted for a new headmaster for the elementary school.

Earlier this month the board of directors accepted Debra Strickland Fincher’s resignation as principal of the elementary school. At the time, Superintendent Chris Moseley said that elementary school counselor Kenya Martin would be the interim director.

Last Tuesday evening, Moseley and the board of directors took away the provisional title from Martin by officially appointing their director of the Elba Elementary School. Martin is an alumnus of the Elba City Schools.

Once Martin was appointed headmaster, Moseley said the school would begin a search for a new elementary school advisor to replace Martin in that position.

During the meeting, the board confirmed several other personnel matters recommended by the superintendent.

Resignation from EES teacher Amy Woodham was accepted. She had taken a job with another local school system.

Eight new hires were approved for the elementary school, including: Natasha Chalker, teacher; Emily Kilcrease, teacher; DeReatha Tolle, teacher; Alicia Moore, teacher; Jessica Peeken, teacher; Stacee Mitchell, assistant; Kristin Hanson, assistant; and Maci Ellis, assistant.

In addition, two employee transfers for EES were approved. Pasteen Levens changes from teaching assistant to the ISS and Claire Lambert changes from kindergarten teacher to special education.

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