Kenya: Odinga’s Marsabit Rally Marred By Chaos Blamed on Sibling Rivalry

Nairobi — Police were forced to lob teargas at an Azimio rally in Marsabit on Thursday to disperse supporters of rival candidates who clashed, disrupting Raila Odinga’s campaign rally.

The chaos blamed on sibling rivalry was also witnessed in Moyale.

The rallies turned out to be a shouting match between the supporters of UPIA movement party leader Ukur Yatani and United Democratic Movement (UDM) Mohamud Ali who is seeking to recapture the county’s top seat for a second term.

It all unfolded when Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani was given a chance to address the rally.

But as soon as he took up the microphone, rival supporters started hurling stones at the podium, prompting police to intervene.

Bodyguards had a hard time shielding the leaders, including Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua as gunshots rent the air.

Some of the supporters could be seen hurling stones at each other as others tackled those waving posters and placards.

This forced Odinga and other leaders to relocate their campaigns to Marsabit town following the fracas.

Before Yattani was invited to speak Governor Mohamud Ali was given a chance to address the rally amid shouts from the crowd.

“Wachana na hao wachache wameagizwa kupiga kelele. Sisi tunajua kucheza mchezo ya kweli. Wakati ikifika tunajua vile tunacheza. (Leave those few people who have been sent make noise. We know how this game is played. When the time comes we know how we want to play),” he said.

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