Kenya pledges $ 11 million for irrigation in Nyeri County

The Kenyan government has pledged $ 11 million to irrigate farmland in Nyeri County. The Sicilian Minister of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation, Kariuki, announced this and said the new funds will help implement irrigation projects in this county of over 759,000 residents. The aim is to improve the yield of agricultural land as well as food security in the Nyeri district, which is often affected by drought.

High quality vegetables

The funds are divided between several projects. This includes the Changachicha Irrigation Project, which is carried out by the Kenyan National Irrigation Authority (NIA). According to the government agency, the project includes over 202 hectares of plantation. It includes an inlet, a 5,840 m long pipeline, a 12,340 m long main line for Karandi-Mucharage-Kariki, a 1,350 m long main line for Karandi-Kiganjo, similar facilities of 6,260 m length for Karandi-Ngaru-Kiriti, water distribution networks and a internal system.

The Changachicha project will be completed in 2022. All facilities benefit 2,000 people directly and 1,000 indirectly. “Farmers in Nyeri are expected to generate about 125 million Kenyan shillings ($ 1.13 million) a year in the Kenyan economy from irrigating high quality vegetables, potatoes, cabbage, kale, tomatoes, garden peas, spinach, carrots, etc. says NIA, led by Joshua N. Toro. These accomplishments will contribute to the Big 4’s food security and nutrition agenda in Kenya.

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