Kenya: President Ruto urges Kenyan authorities to cut power supply to urban settlements for non-payment

Nairobi — President William Ruto has called the Kenya Power Company over numerous reports that some city estates have been unpowered for non-payment.

Speaking to Shauri Moyo during the introduction of affordable housing units on Friday, the President instead advised Kenya Power to first engage with residents to find an amicable solution on how to pay their utility bills.

The President was responding to reports that an entire property in Nairobi’s Blue Estate constituency of Kamukunji has been in darkness for several months after their power supply was cut.

“I have been informed that several parts of Nairobi have lost power. I have since directed Kenya Power to sit down with the Nairobi County Government to resolve this issue, restore power and agree on how residents will foot the bill. ‘ said the President.

The head of state also urged Kenya Power not to fine or disconnect those found to be illegally connected to electricity, but instead to install a meter and start charging.

“If a citizen is already connected to the grid, meter the electricity they’re using and charge them up, so now if they have a meter in the house you can turn off the electricity if they’re not paying,” he said .

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