Kenya: Raila Is Biggest Threat to Devolution – Ruto

Makueni — Deputy President William Ruto has said opposition leader Raila Odinga is the biggest threat to devolution.

The Deputy President revealed that Odinga has been extorting Azimio Governors demanding them to loot funds from counties to fund his campaign.

Dr Ruto said county governments are unable to provide key services to the people because Odinga was demanding Sh20 million for his presidential campaigns from each of the governors.

He said: “If someone can ask Governors to loot county funds meant to help citizens, is it logical to have the same person be the one to protect devolution?”

Speaking in Makueni County on Wednesday, Dr Ruto challenged Governors to expose Odinga for extorting them.

The Deputy President asked Ukambani residents to ditch Odinga saying he does not have a development track record in the region.

Ruto was accompanied by ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi, MPs Victor Munyaka (Machakos Township), Vincent Musyoka (Mwala), Irungu Kangata (Muranga), and former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama.

The leaders asked Odinga to get in touch with reality on the ground and stop ridiculing poor Kenyans.

They wondered how Odinga, a presidential candidate, expected Kenyans to vote for him yet he seems unaware that the cost of living has become unbearable for ordinary citizens.

Mudavadi said it was disappointing to see Mr Odinga dismissing leaders raising serious concerns about the country’s debt situation.

The ANC party leader said Kenyans are experiencing high costs of living as a result of the country’s debt burden.

He said: “You want to be the President of Kenya yet you do not understand that the debt burden the country is facing is inflicting pain and misery on the people.”

Ichungwa asked Odinga to respect Kenyans raising concerns over the high cost of living.

He said: “When you hear Kenyans complain, it’s because they are hungry. When you are full you cannot understand the pain Kenyans are going through.”

Musyoka noted that the cost of commodities skyrocketed after the handshake.

He said: “When Odinga speaks about carrying on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy, is he talking about the high cost of fuel and food products?”

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Kangata said he declined to attend the Sagana meeting because it was not about the needs of the people.

He said Mt Kenya was firmly behind Dr Ruto and would not buy any tribal narrative.

He said: “I could not attend the meeting because the people of Mt Kenya have declared they are not interested in tribalism but a united country.”

Muthama and Munyaka urged Ukambani residents to ditch Odinga and join Kenya Kwanza.

Munyaka said Odinga does not stand a chance Kenya Kwanza that now has his former allies in NASA.

He said: “When we supported Odinga he had Mr Mudavadi, Wetangula and Kalonzo, today he does not have any of these leaders on his side. How will he win?”

Muthama appealed to the Wiper Party leader to work with the Kenya Kwanza Alliance saying he cannot make it alone.

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