Kenya Tusker Malt are the winners of the Kenya International 10-Goal Championships. : The standard sport

Kenya Samurai will play against Kenya Tusker Malt during 10 Goals Kenya International at Nairobi Polo Club on Friday, September 19, 2021. [Jonah Onyango, Standard]

The Kenya Tusker Malt Team consisting of Casimir Gross, Tiva Gross (2.5), Harry Griffiths (1.5) and Jonathan Stichbury (1) with handicap 5 did the trick by playing in an explosive match at the Nairobi Polo Club yesterday whipped the tenacious Kenya Samurai with 6.5-4 and remained undefeated with a maximum of six points in the round robin series.

They made their way to the top with a 7-5.5 win over South Africa in Friday’s opening game before taking a 7-4 win over Kenya CMC Motors. Kenya Tusker Malt secured victory by defeating Kenya Samurai in the final game.

Kenya’s Tusker Malt opened by a half-fraction of a goal when Casimir and Stichcbury scored a brace, Tiva and Griffiths took care of the rest, one of which was a penalty.

Jamie Murray (two), Raphael Nzomo (one) and Wiliam Millar answered for Kenya Samurai.

South Africa Tusker Malt narrowly dismissed Kenya CMC Motors 4.5-4 and finished second with four points from three games.

The South Africans should thank their captain Chris Lund and four-goal hero, who scored the winning goal just seconds before the final whistle after Archie Voorspuy-led Kenya CMC Motors led through Voorspuy’s goal in the fourth chukka.

Voorspuy had previously scored in the third chukka after Ben Stonewigg and Izzy Parsons scored earlier goals in the second and third chukka.

The South Africans will forever remember the aggressive 2.5 Mbu Ngugi handicap who thwarted their efforts in all four chukkas before being injured in the fourth chukka and being replaced by Callum Shaw.

Kenya CMC Motors finished third with two points from three games after beating Kenya Samurai 6.5-4 with two losses in 7-4 to Kenya Tusker Malt and 4.5-4 to South Africa Tusket Malt.

The Best Playing Pony (BPP) was the 13-year-old Bunderburg ridden by South African captain Chris Lund but raised by The Jonathan Stichbury Stables.

In the Fat Hippo Trophy, the 24; 7 team of Nikki Ngugi (0.5), Georgina Millar (0), Simon Muchene (-1) and Eva Kamau (-1.5) won the title with eight points from five games .

In their last match yesterday, 24-7 Ultimate beat 9.5-5 after previously beating Jacaranda 5-2.

In another match, Ultimate beat Jacaranda 6-2.5.

Yesterday’s results

Kenya Tusker Malt 6.5 Kenya Samurai 4

South Africa Tusker Malt 4.5 Kenya CMC Motors 4

Winner – Kenya Tusker Malt with 6 points from 3 games.

Runners Up – South Africa Tusker Malt with 4 points from 3 games.

Play-off winner: Kenya CMC Motors with 2 points from three games

The fat hippopotamus trophy

Yesterday’s results

24; 7 – 5 Jacaranda 2,

24: 7 – 9.5 Ultimate 5.

Ultimate 6 Jacaranda 2.5.

Kenya Tusker Malt Nairobi Polo Club

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