Kenya, US teams test readiness to respond to terrorism

The Chairman of National Security, Peter Mwathi, in the Nairobi Parliament. [David Njaaga, Standard]

US military experts and their Kenyan colleagues held a joint exercise yesterday during which they simulated terrorist attacks and staged appropriate reactions.

Using sophisticated military hardware, both sides mimicked terrorist attacks during the operation at the Rossyln Academy in Nairobi.

The operation, called Joint Readiness Exercise, was carried out by a highly qualified Special Program for Embassy Augmentation and Response Team (SPEAR) consisting of security officers and an emergency team.

300 people took part in the exercise, including local hospital workers and a bomb squad.

“We are prepared and ready, although you can never be too well prepared, so it is important to exercise regularly, to train together regularly and to simulate the emergency situation,” said embassy spokesman Andrew Veveiros

This is the sixth mock exercise conducted by Kenya and the United States.

“I appreciate the US and UK involvement in the war on terror in Kenya and I believe we are prepared. They helped us with the budget, ”said Peter Mwathi, chairman of the National Assembly Committee on National Security.

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