Kenya wants to start a wildlife census for the first time, World News

Authorities in Kenya are using airplanes, helicopters, boats, 4×4 trucks, camera traps, satellite collars and more to start their first national wildlife census.

This new census will cover the 58 national parks, reserves, private and municipal nature reserves of Kenya. It will cost the country £ 1.6 million (250 million shillings) and be completed by the end of July 2021.

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It will include a census of all marine and land mammals, endangered primates, and important birds such as ostriches and koritrappen, among others.

This census aims to produce a census of the wildlife in the country which will then help establish the wildlife status and distribution to determine political direction. It will also help recommend modern strategies for efficient and effective species protection and management in the country.

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The census will help monitor the distribution and numbers of threatened and nearly extinct wildlife species and will further help develop strategies to protect these species from poaching.

The major wildlife established in Kenya have faced challenges in recent years related to land ownership and use, as well as other climate-related factors.

“It is therefore important to conduct this national survey to provide baseline data on the status and distribution of wildlife populations for future use, to understand wildlife population trends and shifts in their distribution. We also need to know if a given area has the carrying capacity for certain and the effects of climate change and human population growth on conservation, “said Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife, Najib Balala.

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