Kenya’s hospitals are running out of oxygen, a plea for the return of hoarded bottles

A Kenyan steel billionaire stepped in to promise free oxygen to Covid patients, says Chris Bishop (Billionaire Tomorrow).

The number of Covid-19 infections in Kenya has increased sharply, and in hospitals, patients in the intensive care unit are running out of life-saving oxygen.

The government has campaigned for the return of oxygen cylinders that private companies and institutions are clinging to.

It is said that there are 20,000 cylinders out of order.

The Oxygen Committee has identified service, maintenance and operation and pipping issues as a requirement that we are currently working on to discuss with partners such as the World Bank and the French government.

– Ministry of Health (@MOH_Kenya) April 8, 2021

Remember that oxygen is not only a precious commodity in the fight against the virus, it can also mean the life and death of our people.

– Ministry of Health (@MOH_Kenya) March 29, 2021

Founding Editor of Billionaire Tomorrow, Chris Bishop, gives more details on The Money Show.

In Kenya, the number of people in intensive care is increasing. The latest numbers that I’ve seen on about 370 people are now bogged down in the intensive care unit.

Chris Bishop, Founding Editor – Billionaire Tomorrow

The government is looking for oxygen everywhere. They complain that many companies and institutions are sitting on around 20,000 oxygen cylinders that could be used in hospitals to save lives.

Chris Bishop, Founding Editor – Billionaire Tomorrow

One of the richest men in Kenya has now helped for free.

Steel billionaire Narendra Raval has come and promised free oxygen to hospitals to save people’s lives … They obviously use a lot of oxygen in the steel process in Kenya …

Chris Bishop, Founding Editor – Billionaire Tomorrow

A lot of people say millionaires or billionaires don’t do anything for people … they just pile their money … and here is a man who hopefully in six months or a year can say that he saved dozens of other Kenyans by he opened his heart and opened his company’s oxygen supply for not a penny in return.

Chris Bishop, Founding Editor – Billionaire Tomorrow

Listen to the discussion on Africa Business Focus (Kenya segment at 3:23 a.m.):

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