Kenya’s stripper sex allegations about Porsha explode at RHOA dinner

After an investigation, Kenya feels that it is “closed” who has teamed up with Bolo, the stripper.

Detective Kenya Moore was in the case again on Sunday’s new episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” as she tried to find out who she allegedly heard at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party having sex with a stripper.

After barbecuing the women in small groups in the previous episode, they all met over dinner, where the conversation quickly turned to Bolo’s formidable member. When they talked about his size, Porsha Williams cut in and said she believed it was very real.

“Porsha definitely knows Bolo’s penis is real because it was the same penis that hit her so hard last night that it hit her windpipe and made her call it ‘Papa’,” Kenya exclaimed in a confessional before the investigation the dining table was continued.

When the women said they were just having a fun party, Moore took over again. “Is it a party when you hear pants and moans and moans from a room at 6:00 AM?” She said. “However, it appears that there were several people in the same room and I stood there thinking, ‘I don’t know what I’m hearing.'”

Porsha said she felt Kenya’s comments were directed at her before Tanya Sam stood up for Williams by saying she spent the night in her room. That didn’t help – and in Kenya’s eyes only confirmed that Tanya was the other woman she heard. “Case closed,” she joked in a confessional.

When asked why Kenya was making such a “problem” out of a good time, Moore and the other women called the moral police.

“Because it’s not a private space, it’s a home that we all live in. I just think when something like this happens it’s very disgusting,” she said to everyone. “When these things happen, you may think of doing them at your home. I’m here with my daughter.”

With that, Porsha finished the conversation – she told the ladies she was “ready to go home” and “get over” Kenya’s allegations. She got up and went to bed before saying in a confessional that Moore’s implications were “downright disrespectful”.

“All of this aggression and they are doing everything possible to shame me,” she added. “But girl, you can’t destroy what God built. Good luck bitch.”

Kandi Burruss, who organized the bachelorette party, also called out Kenya, reminding them that the weekend festivities should be a “zone of no discernment”. She added, “If you’re here to judge, you’ve got to take your ass home with you.”


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After they all returned to Atlanta, Kenya met with LaToya Ali at a photoshoot where Moore accused LaToya of also dating Tanya and Porsha.

“I’ve seen and heard a lot. Basically there was a threesome,” she claimed. “You, Tanya, Porsha, kiss, cunnilingus, all of that.” LaToya immediately ended the call and said she “did not go down on Porsha” and did not kiss Tanya. She admitted kissing and splaying Porsha on the wild night but said she was drunk and just had a good time. She added that she stopped the party later that night because she puked and went to bed.

Meanwhile, Porsha met with Drew Sidora and spoke about how Kenya’s allegations felt like a direct personal attack. “I didn’t take it as an innuendo, I viewed it as a punk ass bitch,” she added.

They agreed that Porsha had seriously violated the girl code with their claims, and because of this, Porsha vowed never to party with all of them again.

After the show aired, Bolo appeared opposite Bailey on “Watch What Happens Live” – ​​and while he said nothing about what happened or not after the cameras were turned off, he said his DMs and OnlyFans had been booming since his On air striptease.

“RHOA” airs on Bravo on Sundays.

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