Latest Coronavirus News: South African Variant May “Break Through” Pfizer’s Vaccine

N.The early 40 percent of U.S. Marines offered the coronavirus vaccine turned it down. This comes from figures released by the Pentagon, our US correspondent David Millward Reports.

The vaccine was made available to 123,500 Marines, of whom 75,500 were vaccinated, but another 48,000 have rejected the Covid-19 sting – a rejection rate of 38.9 percent.

Another 100,000 Marines have yet to be offered.

The numbers are the latest manifestation of vaccination delays in the US, which is causing the alarm to some Democrats.

Seven members of Congress have urged Joe Biden to take steps to force members of the armed forces to accept the vaccine when it is only intended to be used in an emergency.

According to the letter received from CNN, “disinformation and vaccination skepticism” caused some members of the military to opt out.

Defense Department spokesman Andrew Woods suggested a number of possible reasons for Marines’ rejection of the vaccine, including asking that others should have priority or because they could have received the sting elsewhere.

“We know full well that the widespread adoption of the Covid-19 vaccine provides us with the best means to fight this pandemic. The key to fighting this pandemic is building vaccine confidence,” he told USA Today.

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