Lengthy Neck Dawn Rotary provides $ 1K to the Kenya Collect Challenge

As part of its mission to support global initiatives, Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club made a donation of US $ 1,000 to Alayna Aiken, president of Kenya Gather, to support the construction of shelters on its Turkwel campus.

The money will be used to complete two bathrooms in the dormitory that will house teachers and some students who are attending school to learn sewing.

Lucille Cavan, president of the Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club, donated an additional $ 500 from her company, Reimagination Design, to help Aiken complete the third and final bathroom.

As a teacher at Cape Henlopen High School, Aiken founded Kenya Gather in 2018 to provide women in Kenya with an education and professional training to lift them out of poverty.

“The Long Neck Sunrise Rotary Club is excited to partner with Alayna in this necessary and inspiring endeavor,” said Cavan.

For more information or to donate, go to kenyagather.org.

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