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April 6

This week’s KHN Health Minute looks at how some lawmakers are reacting to ballooning pay for travel nurses and how states are spending billions of dollars in opioid settlement funds.

March 30

The KHN Health Minute this week looks at doctors offering vouchers to bring down the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables, and how new abortion restrictions are complicating efforts to reduce preterm births.

March 20

This week’s KHN Health Minute asks what code-switching in the doctor’s office says about race and health care, and how efforts to curb the opioid crisis affect the care of patients with chronic pain.

March 16

This week on the KHN Health Minute, toxic substances in common beauty care products and what might be next after the government lowers the barriers to gold-standard addiction treatment.

March 9

The KHN Health Minute this week looks at the risks of a social-media craze, the Brazilian butt lift, and what Eli Lilly’s slashing of insulin prices could mean for folks with diabetes.

March 2

The KHN Health Minute this week looks at how profit-driven policies influence emergency room staffing and why Mark Cuban’s new discount drug company may not always be the cheapest option.

Feb. 23

On this week’s KHN Health Minute, hear about how Twitter users are shaping insulin policy and how covid vaccines may protect your heart.

Feb. 16

The KHN Health Minute this week looks at how the end of the public health emergency will affect pricing for covid tests and treatments, and issues a warning about kids getting into marijuana edibles.

Feb. 9

Tune in to the KHN Health Minute this week to hear how unusual changes in spending can be an early warning of dementia, and why the safest way to drive and use a phone in your car … is not to.

Feb. 2

The KHN Health Minute this week previews abortion debates in statehouses now that federal protections are gone and looks at what’s driving the closure of nursing homes around the country. 

Jan. 26

This week’s “KHN Health Minute” nudges listeners to have an antiviral care plan before covid hits, and looks at how medical emergencies like Damar Hamlin’s heart attack can affect NFL players’ mental health.

Jan. 19

Tune in to the “KHN Health Minute” this week to learn how your smartphone could become your doctor’s newest diagnostic tool and the importance of taking morning sickness symptoms seriously.  

Jan. 12

Tune in to the “KHN Health Minute” this week to hear how noise pollution affects our health and why an optimistic outlook may help you live longer.  

The KFF Health News Minute is available every Thursday on CBS News Radio.

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