Missionaries from Williston talk about severe drought in Kenya

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Kenya may seem like a world away. But for a Williston couple, the tragic issues impacting that country hit close to home.

Wes and Kathy Pemple are missionaries in Kenya who are back home in North Dakota taking a break from their mission work. They act as support staff to the mission, handle the paperwork for the housing program, and help hand out rations of food to the orphans who benefit from the mission. Just accessing clean water is a struggle there.

“We help with Lillian, she’s the water teacher, so we help her every Wednesday train or do follow-ups with them,” said Wes Pemple.

They are back home for a short time while the nation holds its electoral process. When they head back to Kisii, Kenya, they will be located just 300 miles south of an area where millions of people are starving due to a severe drought.

They say the people in the village they serve are not starving yet, but as the climate continues to change, African farmers are no longer sure when to plant their crops.

”They used to count on the rains coming in this month, and there is a difference in — we’re experiencing with climate around the world, these floods and different things, they too are experiencing; where they can’t count on the rainfall that used to come either,” said Kathy Peple.

Kathy says as people begin to move south to the more lush areas of the region to escape the drought, they expect to see the impacts of the drought.

Right now, they are feeling the squeeze of the distant war in Ukraine. They say because of the eastern European conflict, the maize they give to the orphans they serve has nearly tripled in price, and the oil used to cook now has anti-theft devices on them.

For more information on the mission in Kenya or to donate to their cause, you can visit this website.

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