More students kidnapped in a new attack in southern Nigeria

The Abia State Tower is located in the capital, Umauhia. (Creative Commons / Segun F. Odeke)
FILE PHOTO: A landmark can be seen in Umauhia, the capital of the southern Nigerian state of Abia. (Creative Commons / Segun F. Odeke)

An unknown number of Nigerian university students were kidnapped late Wednesday on a bus trip by a group of armed men in southern Nigeria, an official said Thursday.

Some Abia State University students and other passengers were driving a minibus Wednesday night when they encountered the armed men on a street near the town of Okigwe in neighboring Imo state, said Abia state information commissioner John Kalu.

Kalu told reporters at a press conference in Umuahia, the state capital of Abia, that two of the students fled during the attack, while other victims were taken to a forest in the area by the armed men.

“We are working with the Imo state government and security agencies in both states to ensure the rescue of kidnapped students and others,” said Kalu.

He advised the public and the university concerned to remain calm as the government would not spare any resources to ensure the safety of the victims.

A number of attacks by armed men have recently occurred in the most populous country in Africa, including attacks on schools and kidnapping of students.

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