Muslims in Kenya prepare for IDD celebrations

Kenyan Muslims will join their counterparts all over the world in celebrating Idd ul-Fitr slated for 2nd or 3rd of May, depending on the sighting of the moon Sunday evening after completing 29-30 days of fasting.

The month has ended with a brisk business and a month of a windfall for traders as many households and visitors head to the bazaars to buy food items and clothes.

Shopping centers and the ancient Mackinnon Market in Mombasa CBD has witnessed a beehive of activities as Muslim faithful buy foodstuffs, clothes and shoes in readiness for Eid celebrations.

The business community and mainly those dealing with clothes have witnessed increased traffic of customers as the holy month of Ramadhan draws to a close.

A goat trader slaughtering a goat for his client in Mombasa

Shopping centers like Nawal, Mombasa Mall in Mwembe Tayari and the ancient Mackinnon Market (Marikiti) are witnessing a beehive of activities as Muslim faithful bought foodstuffs, clothes and shoes in readiness for the celebrations.

However, traders have also blamed the price rise on their commodities which they are attributing to the increase in fuel prices.

Ms. Munira Mohamed, a resident of Tudor in Mombasa is excited about the celebrations as she does shopping for her family during the night at Nawal center hypermarket.

“I have come to do shopping in Nawal center but the prices are extremely high due to the rise of fuel prices which is affecting shipping of commodities,” she said.

Zakiah Khamis, a sales manager at Nawal Center says this year the business is good compared with last year due to Covid -19 pandemic and lockdown which affected Eid celebrations in the country.

“We are happy this year we are doing a booming business in preparations for Eid, forcing us to open our shops even during the night to give our customers ample time to do their shopping,” Zakiah Said.

Ms. Khadija Hamid, a resident of Old Town who was doing her shopping in Mackinnon Market said rise in commodities prices has limited their Eid shopping.

“We are appealing to the government to consider lowering fuel prices in the market because it has affected the lives of Kenyans and the worst hit are the ordinary Kenyans who are unable to cope with hardship in economic life,” Khadija said.

Amin Abdi, Chairman of Marikiti business community said their expectations of cashing on a booming business during Eid shopping have been curtailed by an increase in fuel prices.

“This Ramdhan has coincided with the opening of schools; last year our business was affected by Covid-19 pandemic and this year’s hike in fuel prices has affected us again,” Amin said.

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