Naomi Campbell once flew 70 people to South Africa to meet Nelson Mandela

Naomi Campbell is a philanthropist and one of the greatest supermodels of all time and an integral part of the entertainment industry. She has invested time and money across the African continent for decades and has always tried to help the people there with the help of local leaders – including the great South African apartheid fighter Nelson Mandela.

British model Naomi Campbell walks during the Kenneth Ize show as part of Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall / Winter 2020/2021 on February 24, 2020 in Paris, France | Thierry Chesnot / Getty Images

Naomi Campbell wanted 70 of her friends to meet Nelson Mandela

Campbell met “Tata” – one of Mandela’s many nicknames – in the late 1990s and was so moved that she knew she needed to share his wisdom with her friends firsthand. She described the experience in an interview with AMAKA Studio.

“Meeting Tata, the late President Nelson Mandela, is an experience for me that I can only share with you. And I’ve shared with a lot of my friends, ”she said. “When I met him, I said, ‘I want everyone to meet him. ‘So I took 78 people from New York City – hair, makeup, and all the models we know – to Cape Town to meet Tata. “

“I know you will never forget,” she said proudly. “That’s me: I want to share, connect and communicate.”

Naomi Campbell and Nelson MandelaModel Naomi Campbell and Nelson Mandela attend the Nelson Mandela Fundraising Lunch at the Gallagher Estate ahead of the 46664 World Aids Day concert on November 30, 2007 in Johannesburg, South Africa Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

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Naomi Campbell learned many lessons from Nelson Mandela

Campbell was moved when asked what she had learned from the late South African president. “So many things,” smiled Campbell. “Sometimes it wasn’t that he spoke at all; sometimes he didn’t speak. “She felt his energy as he held her hand at the dining table and picked up everything he said and everything he did.

“He taught me so many things: how to use yourself, how to help others,” she continued. “I would say, Tata, I am not your perfect person, I have my problems.” He did not care. He never judged me. It was: “Use yourself to help others.”

“And he let me see how he did it – how he humbly did it with so many people around the world,” she added to his character.

Nelson Mandela and Naomi CampbellSouth African President Nelson Mandela (L) hugs British supermodel Naomi Campbell in Genadendal, his home in Cape Town, South Africa Anna Zieminski / AFP via Getty Images

Nelson Mandela motivates Naomi Campbell to this day

Campbell takes with her many of the lessons she has learned from Mandela to date, namely the motivation to do good in the world.

“When he left on December 5, 2013, I cried. I mourned. But I got that kick of a drive in the week later, ”Campbell admitted.

“He was in my life for a reason.”

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