New age restrictions for Netflix in South Africa

Netflix has added new runtime ratings to its online catalog of shows that meet Films and Publications Board (FPB) standards.

Users of the streaming service in South Africa recently noticed that FPB ratings were added to show descriptions in the Netflix app as well as in the corner of the screen when streaming.

These ratings appear as an FPB classification triangle that includes an age rating and consumer advice (e.g. SV for sexual violence).

This follows one announcement Last year, FPB and Netflix agreed that Netflix would fall under its regulatory domain in South Africa.

The Act on Amendment of Films and Publications obliges all distributors of films, games and certain publications to register with the FPB and ensure that their materials are classified before they reach consumers.

The FPB states that its classification guidelines were aligned with the social norms and values ​​of the South African public, providing advice and age ratings to protect vulnerable customers.

Netflix runtime ratings explained

Netflix confirmed its new maturity and age rating system in a post on its Support page.

The streaming service also stated that runtime ratings are set either by Netflix or by a local standards organization – in this case the FPB.

The FPB classification triangle that lists the run time rating of the show looks like this:

  • The first time you play a title, the rating will briefly appear in the top corner of your screen.
  • On the detail page of a TV show or movie. The location of this information may vary depending on the device.

Netflix displays different FPB ratings for shows on its platform depending on the content of each show.

These are shown in detail in the picture below.

Netflix subscribers can also use these ratings to prevent their children from watching shows with inappropriate content.

For example, users can create a profile with a specific runtime rating or select runtime ratings that will be blocked for a specific profile.

These age restriction changes will apply to all platforms and devices on which Netflix is ​​available in South Africa

“Our work with the Film and Publications Board is part of our broader effort to give our members more control and choice,” Netflix told MyBroadband.

“We want our members in South Africa to have the information they need to make informed entertainment decisions for themselves and their families.”

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