Nigeria at 61: Scholars, panelists insist on economic diversification

Nigeria at 61: Scholars, panelists insist on economic diversification

The Nigerian at 61 lecture program, held at the University of Ibadan on October 1, 2021 saw an intellectual fireworks display between scholars and policy makers to take Nigeria to the next level of productivity and civic engagement.

Starting with Prof. Remi Aiyede, of HOD political science, who identified a weak political participation of young people and a flawed electoral system as a curse of Nigerian politics, to Ambassador Adedotun Adepoju, who reminded of Nigeria’s diplomatic relations and insisted that Africa Nigeria’s foreign policy must continue to be at the core.

The scholars and panelists agreed that there is so much to do for young people in Nigeria and that they must therefore be free as citizens to use government initiatives to develop their skills across the board.

For Taiwo Akerele, Country Representative for Policy House International, the only way to curb poverty and skilled brain drain in Nigeria is for the government to invest more in technical education, SMEs and private sector involvement in infrastructure funding.

In his paper, Nigeria at 61, Akerele urged Nigerian youth to be more involved in their efforts to be part of the country’s development, especially when not too young to reflect on governance, the economy and the challenges facing the next generation To make laws as decided by the National Assembly.

Akerele, who is also the Abuja section of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), insisted that the government revitalize reading culture and increase its investment in basic education and agriculture for a better society. He called for a change in spending towards investing in human capital, particularly in the technical education sector of the economy.

Ibadan University’s annual Social Science Independence Lecture was well attended by students, civil society organizations, members of the diplomatic community and the media.

Later, the winners of the HOD Cup were honored by HoD professor Remi Aiyede and supported by Comrade Habeeb Habeeb, President of the Student Union of the University’s Student Union of Political Science.

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