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The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has ordered broadcasters in Nigeria not to report details of attacks by bandits and insurgents.

“The headlines of most newspapers are full of security issues every day,” said Francisca Aiyetan, director of broadcasting surveillance at NBC, in a letter to the broadcasters.

“While it is necessary to bring security information to Nigerians’ doorsteps, caution should be exercised as too much detail can adversely affect the efforts of our security officers, who are required to deal with the insurrection.”

NBC urged broadcasters to refer to the provisions of Sections 5.4.1 (f) and 5.4.3 of the NBC Code, which stated that “the broadcaster must not transmit any divisive material that would undermine the divisibility and indissolubility of Nigeria as sovereign could threaten or endanger “. Status.

“When reporting on conflict situations, the broadcaster assumes the role of a peace agent by adhering to the principle of responsibility, accuracy and neutrality.”

The commission advised broadcasters to exercise caution in their coverage, as revealing “too many details” could undermine the efforts of the Nigerian security authorities.

NBC said some of the issues discussed in the daily newspapers have an “ethnological coating” that “turns one part of the country against the other and leaves Nigerians in daily hysteria”.

“The Commission therefore urges broadcasters to work with the government to address security challenges; Not to glorify the shameful activities of insurgents, terrorists, kidnappers, bandits, etc., ”Aiyetan said.

“Advising guests and / or analysts on programs so as not to polarize citizens with divisive rhetoric in order to make their point of view clear.

“Neither the security issues nor the victims of these security challenges are detailed so as not to jeopardize the efforts of Nigerian soldiers and other security agents.”

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