Nigeria commends the elevated participation within the nationwide registration course of for digital ID playing cards

The Nigerian federal government has expressed satisfaction with the recent involvement of citizens in the ongoing process of obtaining and registering their National Identification Numbers (NINs) with their SIM cards, as more than 8 million new digital ID registrations have been registered less than one Month.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), which oversees the process, said in a statement that President Muhammadu Buhari is satisfied with the “progress made” on the exercise.

The NIMC also urged citizens to continue working with authorities on biometric registration in order to make the most of the final eight week extension period for the digital ID link. Earlier closed on February 9, the February 1 deadline was postponed to April 6 after the NIN-SIM Registration Task Force held an inter-ministerial meeting.

The NIMC statement said that a recent task force meeting found that cellular operators have received a total of 56.18 million NINs to date, a significant increase from the 47.8 million NIN registrations reported on Jan. 18 represents.

The President has reportedly urged citizens to take full advantage of the extension and participate in the exercise, as the NIN is important, which is revealed by capturing biometrics of the registrant’s biographical details.

“The Nigerian Federal Government welcomes all Nigerians and persons of other nationalities for their understanding, their cooperation and their enthusiastic participation in the exercise. The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy also praised the efforts of NIMC, NCC, mobile network operators and all other relevant government and private sector organizations for their tireless support for the success of the exercise. President Muhammadu Buhari expressed his satisfaction with the progress made in the NIN-SIM linkage and commended the Minister and everyone involved for their role. He encouraged citizens to take advantage of the extension to fully participate in the process, ”read part of the statement.

In the declaration, NIMC also affirmed the importance of the NIN, according to which the digital ID is also required for purposes such as “applying for and issuing a passport, opening personal bank accounts, purchasing insurance policies, registering voters, obtaining credit”. among other.”

The ongoing NIN-SIM link in Nigeria has been marked by some controversy, the most recent of which is a lawsuit by a civil society organization in Edo state praying in a high court to halt the process.

NIMC hopes to issue 100 million biometric-based digital IDs by the end of 2021.

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