Nigeria has everything it takes to be great – ICAN President

…advises members seeking appointment to be politically active

By Juliet Umeh

The President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, ICAN, Mallan Tijjani Musa Isa said that Nigeria has what it takes to be great as a nation, adding that its 60,000+ members contribute a lot to Nigeria’s growth as the largest economy in Nigeria contribute Africa.

The President of the Institute said when his Lagos and District Society hosted a Presidential Dinner in his honor as the 58th President of the Institute and Investiture of Patrons of ICAN Lagos and District Society.

In his address, Mallam Isa acknowledged the importance of the occasion, noting that Nigeria has what it takes to be great in terms of raw materials and human resources.

Praising the group’s achievements for the country’s economy, he said: “We have over 60,000 accountant members who converse and some of them work in all different aspects of the economy, both in public service at state, local and interstate federal level.

“Some of them work in companies and the knowledge of being an accountant gives them an advantage in the financial evaluation of their company.

“With over 60,000 professionals in an economy, you know that Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and ICAN has played a significant role in making that happen.”

However, the President advised his members to be flexible and versatile and also to get politically involved when they need ministerial posts.

He said: “It’s no longer about keeping the book, you’re looking at the economy in general.

“On the issue of appointment, it is largely political. If you have certain skills in the community, you will be looked for when that appointment comes.

“For example, if you’re a chartered accountant and you’re interested in politics, you’ll get the job when the finance deadline comes.

“If a garrulous accountant wants a certain position for himself, he should go into politics.

“Our engine is accuracy and integrity. So if you have the knowledge and integrity, you will excel.

“Babbling accountants should go into politics because they have a right to do so. You will be in a better position than someone who is there.”

The 20th Chair of ICANLDS, Mr. Alesta Wilcox, also remarked that Nigeria today lacks character.

He said: “So when we find people of character, we don’t hesitate to recognize them so that generations after them will see and appreciate the work they have done.

“The men honored were selected for their skills, achievements, potential and personality. Some of them are managing partners of large companies and these individuals have shown a character consistent with ICAN principles – honesty, integrity and hard work.”

He noted that being a patron of ICAN is not a mean thing.

Wilcox said: “So if you are selected as a Patron in ICAN, it means you have crossed the threshold that an ordinary Nigerian should have crossed. We find you worthy, you are not corrupt, you are dedicated to your job and have excelled in your sphere of influence and touched humanity.

“We want others to emulate these individuals so that one day they will be recognized.”

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