Nigeria has never been so bad, Atiku beat up Buhari at the PDP convention

Atiku and Buhari

By Henry Umoru & Dirisu Yakubu

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar on Saturday criticized the government led by President Muhammadu Buhari for what he called poor management of the national economy.

Atiku, who explained this at the People’s Democratic Party, the PDP’s national electoral congress in Abuja, rated the All Progressives Congress, the APC government’s low on virtually all development indices, saying President Buhari simply failed to get the best out of it the opportunity Nigerians took advantage of when he was first elected in 2015 and again in 2019.

He said: “Today our country is going through the most difficult and difficult phase of its existence. I can tell you that I am over 70 years old, but never in its history have I seen this country in such a bad state, so fragmented, so much unemployment, so much insecurity.

“Social and security challenges in every corner along with the ongoing tensions surrounding the nature of our corporate existence as a nation, Nigeria is marginalized by the lackluster performance and complacency of successive governments, culminating in the gross failure of this cause.” APC-led government.

“As we ponder the problems of our great country as a nation, consider this: We now have a chance to put the ship on the right course. We have a chance to atone for the mistakes of previous leadership and our collective mistakes of the past.

“We have the chance to unite the country towards greatness in order to realize and surpass the dreams of our founding fathers who fought for independence so many years ago. A chance to seize the opportunity to lead our country to its rightful position in the community of nations.

“We can save ourselves and the party and we can save Nigeria together. We have our differences and will face enormous challenges along the way, but we can face and overcome anything if we just shake hands and work together on this noble course.

“The PDP is not perfect, and as humans neither of us is perfect. But we work every day to learn from our mistakes and to correct them. The APC has proven ill-equipped to run the nation. You have proven yourself corrupt, in fact the most corrupt, divisive and divisive party that was never ready to lead this country.

“It is therefore up to us to stop the downward spiral of the Nigerian nation and save the country from even greater disasters. This is our shared responsibility.

“We have to put our differences aside. We must bring out our brightest light and position ourselves to save, restore and rebuild the foundations so that we can initiate prosperity, decency, security, economic growth, reduce unemployment and restore the dignity of our country.

“I appeal to the members of our great party and to all Nigerians to avoid our previous differences, to put political machinations and intrigues aside and to wrest power from the APC.

“The APC has failed extensively for Nigerians over the past six years. This time is a critical time for us politicians to work together to restore growth and development to Nigerians. The main actors’ unity in the PDP is an extension of the Nigerian unity.

“I think we should go back and focus the party on part of the competence. I think we should bring our technocrats, our best minds, together to help us determine the path for the party in the country. “

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