Nigeria: Helpless super hawks attacked by an unknown man on the train in Vienna

The Super Falcons were verbally attacked yesterday by an unidentified self-proclaimed Nigerian who boarded the same train as the female national team in Vienna.

The nine-time African champions Nigeria had arrived in the Austrian capital Vienna for an 8-day training camp in preparation for the Aisha Buhari Invitational Women’s Football Tournament.

In a video recording that went viral yesterday, the angry “Nigerian” accused the deeply scared gamers of representing a “terrorist organization”.

He said: “I would like to speak to you, please. I am also Nigerian and live in Vienna. I have lived here for so many years and you represent a terrorist organization, a terrorist government. You Nigerian youth should be very ashamed of yourselves.” of you, each of you here.

“That cannot happen in another country where young people represent a government. There are over 10 million Nigerian youth here and you people who should know, represent a terrorist organization, kill youth, kidnap. I’m calling on you idiots to go back. “Home,” he said.

However, when some of the players tried to fight back, he continued to threaten to summon the police if he was physically attacked by the team and said corruption in Nigeria had forced him to leave the Julius Berger football club, which he once worked for had played in Nigeria.

While a number of questions are being asked about the security level of the Nigerian Football Association (NFF) for the Super Falcons in Austria, the football association issued a statement yesterday saying it has “taken steps to ensure that

the exposure of the self-proclaimed Nigerian who got on the train and made the players uncomfortable with inflammatory political talks. “

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