Nigeria is not going to break up or go to war – PFN

Nigeria is not going to break up or go to war - PFN

Bishop Oke and other PFN board members at the briefing

From Kazeem Ugbodaga

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) said Thursday that Nigeria will not break up or enter another war as it will overcome its numerous challenges.

National President, PFN, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, and other leaders who spoke on the state of the nation at Redemption Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, admitted that the nation is currently at a crossroads and facing difficult challenges.

“We work together as the PFN to positively solve Nigeria’s problems through prayer and fasting and to encourage our people.

“This challenging period will come and go and Nigeria will move on, Nigeria will not break or go to war, this season will pass and Nigeria will become a powerful nation,” Oke said.

Oke says, “People shouldn’t be scared, but they should avoid anything that puts them at risk. We appeal to the government that life and property security are paramount for the development of any nation.

“The government should not favor any group of people, but treat everyone equally. The government has to deal with uncertainty in order to achieve justice. The government must reassure Nigerians that they are in charge and are sincere. “

Oke added, “If life and property are not secured, there will be no significant progress, let the government be fair. Whichever group constitutes itself to terrorism, bandits or kidnappers, the weight of the law should fall on such people. “

The PFN president lamented the rising raw material prices in the country and urged the government to take urgent action to resolve the problem.

“The prices of raw materials, building materials and others have skyrocketed, the government and its economic team should watch this. We are close to the grassroots, people are suffering, we want the government to face the situation. The government should uphold the value of the naira, there should be enough for Nigeria, God is with you, it is good with Nigeria, ”he said.

Regarding agitation for secessionist groups, Oke said the only thing that would stop the agitation was good governance.

“As long as people feel marginalized, there will be excitement, we appeal to the government to let justice rule. The moment justice prevails, people will stop rushing, we are better together and stronger together. All Nigerians should have equal rights and fair representation. If you silence Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho, others will stand up, ”he said.

The National Secretary of the PFN, Dr. Cosmas Ilechukwu said the panel prayed for the government and plans to meet with the government in the near future to make its position known.

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