Nigeria kidnappings: Naomi Adamu in Chibok girls wey dare Boko Haram

March 9, 2021, 11:53 AM WHAT

Re-inform one hour wey don pass

Mass kidnapping of children for Nigeria has not been making global headlines lately, and for a young woman we are suffering similar attacks for a school in Chibok. They are very difficult to observe.

Naomi Adamu was 24 years old at the time of the attack. In April 2014, the Chibok government secondary school in Borno state was the oldest student in more than 270 students belonging to the militant Islamic group Boko-Haram.

Her classmates always call her Naomi Maman Mu, we mean “Our Mother” because her education is only slowly dependent on the health problems that she gets when she is little.

Six years after the abduction, Naomi opens the abduction for a new book, Chibok Girls, in which she is the main character.

During the three years she spends with Boko Haram, Naomi says that she will not marry any of the three fighters or convert to Islam, despite putting a lot of pressure on her.

Instead, she and another classmate write secret diaries in textbooks they give to write Islamic verses. She hides them in a small handbag that she always ties to her legs.

Resolve not to write stories in case one of them escapes.

“Christmas message to my papa”

Because shortly before Christmas of the year of the kidnapping, she wrote a letter to her papa in a diary.

“Dear my dear papa, I miss you so much right now.

“Dad, I want to see you, I’m so worried about you and mom and the rest of di Pipo home.

“I can’t imagine saying something that suits me, none of us, little Boko Haram, has been kidnapped. By di Grace of God Papa, I miss you so much.

“I want you to help me in prayer all the time, so that every time he comes to torment me, I get fit and defeat the devil. So dad, I like to stop here.

“I miss you so much. Goodbye, have a good day.

“Your beautiful daughter, Naomi Adamu. I wish you a Merry Christmas.”

Wetin Happa Afta Di Kidnap

Apart from being separated from their families and not knowing where they live or if they live, the girls suffer from many hardships.

They always move around the Nigerian military, foreign mercenaries, and American drones to find them.

They spend most of their time in the Sambisa forest, the main place where the group hides.

Naomi says na very difficult time for her for Sambisa “Eat no dey and no water. We gats use sand to cleanse ourselves whom we dey our periods.”

Older militants from Boko Haram always try to get Naomi to marry one of their fighters.

Believe it or not, when they get married, younger girls will follow their footsteps.

Every time she refuses to hit her, hit her seriously and threaten her joke with death.

Their disobedience led them and others to be introduced to the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau. But during the meeting, he announced one thing that might surprise her.

“Shekau tells us I am kidnapping us not to marry, but because he wants to pressure the government to release the men who are in custody.”

The discovery strengthens their resolve and soon oda rebellions dey.

Hymns to Boko Haram

When she and some of the more stubborn students get separated from their peers, they stop feeding weaker girls just to force them to marry, but she and her friends go into hiding and feeding them.

They sing hymns in front of Dia Guards, at first softly, then more boldly. Most of them kidnapped Christian students. They write down their favorite verses and prayers for a journal.

She wins her freedom for 2017 together with 81 other girls after years of careful negotiations between a small team of Nigerian volunteers and a Swiss diplomat.

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