‘Nigeria may lose over 2m people to migration’ – New Telegraph

As world leaders gather in Egypt to discuss climate change issues at COP27, there are concerns that no fewer than two million people could migrate from Nigeria to other countries as a result of the adverse effects of climate change, if nothing proactive is done to address it .

This migration will lead to a loss of human capital and also pose refugee problems to some other countries. Nigeria already has started losing its workforce to other countries as the Kaduna State Chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) recently said no fewer than 10,000 doctors left Nigeria for the United Kingdom, ((UK), for greener pastures in the last seven years .

Confirming the impending migration from Nigeria as a result of climate change to the New Telegraph, a former President of the Nigerian Meteorological Society (NmetS), Prof. Clement Akoshile, said migration was imminent, warning that the threat must not be taken lightly.

He said as world leaders discuss climate change in Egypt, Nigeria should be assisted to avoid the impending migration and its negative outcomes on Nigeria and other countries that will harbor the refugees.

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq, had said 1,427,370 persons have been internally displaced, approximately 2,776 persons injured, while over 600 persons have lost their lives due to the devastating effects of the current floods across the country .

Akoshile, who is also a former Director, Renewable Energy Centre, University of Ilorin, called on world leaders as well as the Nigerian government to adopt proactive measures to address climate change.

He said: “The estimate given to flood in Nigeria is that about 1.5 million people have been affected by the flood in Nigeria. About two million people may migrate out of Nigeria. “More than 1.5 million Nigerians can move from where they have been to other parts of the country and some of them to bordering countries because they cannot stand in the water waiting for the flood to go away.

“There are countries that have less than 1m in population and some are less. So if those Nigerians will cross to other countries, for instance, Gambia, Gambia will be affected. That is why Nigeria should be helped. “That there was a flood in Nigeria this year does not mean that there will be another one next year. Migration can lead to conflicts such as herders and farmers. There could be ethnic and religious clashes.

“Such should be mitigated by creating an environment that will be congenial for the farmers and the herders so that they will do their business in their areas and not migrate. Such technology is what Nigeria needs so that herdsmen will do their business where they are and farmers do theirs where they are and they will complement each other.

Food will be provided, animal basked will be provided in the northern part, and the middle belt will provide food. “Nigeria at the time was having the idea of ​​taking care of Lake Chad which was drying up. And they were thinking of bringing water from the Congo side to feed Lake Chad.

“Now that we have excess water due to flooding, they could use the same idea to pump that water to Lake Chad while there is an abundance of it so that Chad will have more water and the disaster will be reduced because if you drain the water from where it is flooding and you put it to where it is not flooding, then there is a good chance before it evaporates, it will take a long time and will then help Chad.

“The more you pump, the less you have the disaster. So instead of taking from the Congo why not use what is available in Nigeria? Let us take the technology that is required.

As for piping of the water from the south to the north, it may be much cheaper than what they want to do by crossing other countries and paying dividends.” The renewable energy expert said Nigeria should benefit from the carbon credit. noted that many industrialized countries had contributed


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