Nigeria: Only Nigerians Who Want Tinubu as President Will Peter Obi – Dr. Choose Oche Otorkpa

A prominent tribal “warlord” was quoted on Twitter last week as saying, “Only Nigerians weary of bad governance will vote for LP”.

Unfortunately, that statement was an attempt by this pseudo-nationalist to manipulate patriotic Nigerians into voting for a tribal candidate who has absolutely no chance in the 2023 presidential election, other than acting as a spoiler bent on improving the fortunes of our oppressors .

The 2023 presidential election must not be reduced to an ethnic contest or a circus run by an emergency churchgoer trying to manipulate churchgoers into believing he has an overnight solution that will turn Nigeria into Dubai overnight could. A wand he didn’t use for 8 years as governor of the state of Anambra, where public hospitals and universities were closed for over a year and many people died.

Wisdom and stupidity are not the same. According to the Institute of Security Studies, there have been more than 40 peaceful (post-election) leadership changes on the African continent since 1990. But only in 16 cases involving 13 countries has the opposition won. This clearly shows us that opposition victories on the African continent do not come cheaply.

The padded results of the 2019 presidential election showed a difference of 3,928,869 between the APC and the PDP. This number included trees and ghosts counted by the APC and included in the final results. The actual figure was 1,615,302 votes in favor of the PDP.

The 2023 presidential election is likely to be different with the introduction of the BVAS and increased voter awareness. The number of votes and the margin of a win by a candidate are expected to be smaller and narrower.

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There are 21 APC governors trying to shove Tinubu down our throats, that rules out the sea of ​​other federal and state officials anxious to ensure the current catastrophes in government are sustained.

At the Republican convention in Springfield, Illinois on June 16, 1858, Abraham Lincoln paraphrased Matthew 12:25 when speaking of a house divided:

And Jesus knew theirs [the Pharisees’] thoughts and said to them, Every kingdom divided against itself will be desolate, and every city and every house.

Judging APC for the calamities they have brought upon us is God’s business, but ensuring they never win the 2023 presidential election is a duty that will require the efforts of all patriotic Nigerians with the ability, over their noses, over their tribes or look out their religion.

Nigeria’s best chance of getting rid of the current crabs in government is to identify and rally behind the strongest opposition party and a candidate with the ability to wrest power from our oppressors. Dividing our votes among parties we know cannot win will only enthrone our oppressors.

As of today, this party is PDP with HE Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate and Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa as his comrade-in-arms. A vote for LP or Peter Obi is an indirect vote for APC and Tinubu, the Bulaba coroner, a mistake that could have 8 more years of tragic consequences.

On February 25, 2023, may God help us to help ourselves.

DR. Otorkpa Chair (FRSPH-UK)

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