Nigeria ready for female president, lawyer says

A lawyer from Abuja, Chuks Akamadu, said Sunday that given the role women play in society, the country is ready to have a president.

Akamadu noted in a conversation with the Nigerian news agency on the occasion of the 40th

The lawyer added that he would cast his vote for a presidential candidate in 2023. He also said that a president would give the country a new direction.

The lawyer said, “I can assure you that all bandits, insurgents and other criminal elements in the country will obey when women speak. The reason the security challenges the country is facing do not need to be addressed is because women do not have to step forward to really call their children and husbands to order.

“The moment a woman becomes president, these criminal elements will stick their swords and embrace peace, no matter how hidden they are, they will listen to the voices of their wives and mothers.”

The lawyer also urged Nigerians to give women a chance to take on political roles in the country.

Akamadu, who is also the president of the Center for Ethical Rebirth Among Nigerian Youth (CERANY), an NGO, said it would be another ball game and a new chapter in the life of the country if women take control of affairs in Nigeria.

“Let’s try, women are passionate people, women are not as transitory, they are not as manipulative as their male counterparts,” he said.

He also stressed the need to put family unit in order, adding that the family remains the most important unit in society.

“Getting the family unit right, you got the community right, the state right, and the whole nation, all of humanity would have got it right.

“If we get it right in the family unit, whether you like it or not, I can assure you, you will begin to move up into larger society,” he said.

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