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From Rotimi Pheasant

NIGERIA, the beautiful land richly blessed and endowed with human and material resources, will survive. But right now the land is in the hands of her wicked children, who are determined to rob her of all the wealth and goodness she possesses. Nigeria is like a nursing mother who is forcibly nursed by her children, the very people for whom she has made all her natural and God-given gifts available.

It is a miracle that a country exposed to such relentless abuse is still holding on. Nigeria is being abused, dragged and pulled in different directions by a cursed tribe of mostly political managers and others in various positions of leadership and supporters who have decided that their personal and group interests must and should override the interests of the entire country.

The social and political crises, particularly the crisis of insecurity and economic failure that plague the country cannot be separated from the evil activities of the people who have the general mandate of the people, either stolen or given freely to ensure that the security of the country is not compromised. But look at Nigeria right now and it’s clear that only a community ruled and administered by people without a bit of kindness in them could be so destructive.

How much does an individual need to survive? How much do they need to bring the good life to their families? What does a man or woman need to lead a decent life that justifies inciting criminal violence against the country?

But Nigerians have made it their business to destroy a country rightly positioned as the hope of the black world while surviving as migrants in other parts of the world where most of them are neither wanted nor respected. The survival of Nigeria is still in the hands of their children, especially the politicians.

Starting with the humanitarian crisis of insecurity in various parts of the country, but the epicenter of which is currently in northern Nigeria, only a disinterested assessment of the state of the country can get us out of our current self-inflicted pain.

At this point it is clear that the Nigerian politician can and must be held responsible, either by acts of commission or by default, for the social, economic and political problems affecting Nigeria at these times.

The terrorists, indulgently called bandits in the north, are a creation of the political and religious class of the north. It is clear from the portrayal of the terrorists and the confused and contradicting reactions of the politicians who have to deal with them that the terrorists and the politicians are two sides of the same coin.

Some of the politicians themselves are beginning to confess that they were involved in creating the monster of terrorism that is now making their lives miserable. The history of terrorism has both internal and external aspects. Abubakar Kawu Baraje told the Nigerians, who love to listen, how the desire for political control led some stalwarts in today’s ruling party not only to resort to self-help but also to import mercenaries (from the same ethnic tribe as those who randomly as responsible for the many were fingered) cases of kidnapping, rape and murder in various communities in the country) to secure the victory of the then challengers of the ruling party in 2015.

Heavily armed, financed and covered before and during the elections, yesterday’s marginalized northern youth who had turned into terrorists today were released and abandoned to fend for themselves after the elections.

This is a repetition of the same story that spawned armed militancy in the Niger Delta immediately after the country’s return to democratic rule in 1999. This is not the same as saying that the terrorists of the north were trained by the militants from the Niger Delta, as some northerners would like Nigerians to believe. Far from it, the terrorists in the north are a creation of the north, like that of the Niger Delta a creation of the politicians from these parts. Nor should the murderous thugs, often recruited from members of the Southwest’s transport associations, be viewed as anything but the creation of politicians, at least in their role as political enforcers who have now become socialists, philanthropists, and nationalists.

But a so-called repentant bandit in the north has made it clear that he was an almajiri (which confirms a point made here a few weeks ago) who was recruited and armed by politicians who did not make the promises made to him and his comrades afterwards services were no longer required. Whatever the angle, the Nigerian politician has one hand, yes the main hand, in dysfunctionality in the country and creating insecurity in politics. Likewise, the politician must bring charges of ridding the country of banditry, terrorism, corruption and, most importantly, of reshaping Nigeria as a place where Nigerians can strive to be all that they are in harmony with their abilities and skills Provisions of law.

It is noteworthy that many of those oppose the transfer of power from an arrogant center to the states and territories of local government, those who cannot stand the thought of a police system based in the LGAs and states (also If that was the norm Before the military changed the equation in 1966, they are calling for it today, insisting that those responsible for the wanton destruction of life and property have evaded consideration of the state pardon Nigerians find themselves today who will force them to take a closer and more conscious look at the effectiveness or the opposite of our institutionalized state structures and the need to revise them for our common good.

Nothing will work without justice. The idea of ​​equating murderous bandits and terrorists with coup plotters who deserve a state pardon should be rejected by the Sheikh Ahmad Gumis of that country, who say just about anything to maintain the confidence of the born criminals of their violent and sectarian ones Rhetoric.

The same rhetoric he uses again to divide a military that has undermined trust and mutual trust in favor of sycophancy, nepotism and mutual distrust.

This country deserves a break and anyone still holding Nigeria’s growth in check deserves no place among us, let alone leading us. The criminal elements among us, ranging from politicians, their cronies, families and employees to the rest of us “average” Nigerians, play a role here. It is time to actively seek and work for the good of this land.

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