Nigeria too strong to disintegrate – NIPR

A group, the Citizens’ Summit on National Integration, Peace and Security, said in Abuja on Friday that Nigeria and its citizens were too united to disintegrate.

The group, which is under the aegis of the National Public Relations Institute, said after its meeting of the National Planning Committee from a national survey it conducted that a large majority of Nigerians also want Nigeria to remain united.

The chairman of the committee, Ike Neliaku, said that since its inauguration on July 12th, he had visited parts of the country to consult, discuss, meet and meet with various parts of Nigerians on the “hot questions of our nation” Brainstorm.

“The result of our consultations and deliberations shows very clearly that a larger percentage of Nigerians believe in the preservation of the integrity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The question we have to ask ourselves is, ‘If Nigerians want to stay together, if Nigerians love Nigeria, if Nigerians want Nigeria to stay, what is the problem?’

“Our results have shown that Nigerians will prefer to live together as Nigerians when certain problems are resolved that have formed the basis of agitation across the country.

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“When matters that have caused certain misunderstandings, misunderstandings and suspicions are broadly addressed by leadership, Nigerians will prefer the option of staying together and building a strong, viral and formidable nation in Africa.

“Based on our findings, the NIPR believes Nigeria is too strong to disintegrate and we as professionals are determined to get the Nigerian project up and running,” he said.

The Chair urged Nigerians to join forces with the NIPR and its partners to support this Citizens Summit on National Integration, Peace and Security as a way to solve problems.

He said some of the problems plaguing the nation could have been easily resolved, including the federal character principle, which he noted has not been effectively handled.


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