Nigeria What Must We Leave Behind In 2021?

Also, in our own context, at all levels of political leadership, the overarching sentiments during term renewals, is to let the existing occupants have a second term, as if it were a guaranteed right, with no heed paid to their governance results in office . It is almost comic were it not for the impact on our national psyche and our fortunes.

Let’s think this over again. We have had almost 23 years of democracy with this ‘our-turn, your-turn,’ ‘our-zone, your-zone concept. What can we objectively say is the gain of the zones that produce the leaders at those times other than a few more new houses in a few communities and do these houses approximate to ‘sense of belonging’ or welfare of those zones or communities?

Our constitution already guarantees the participation of all peoples and what we should do is ensure that we do these things in line with our constitution and they shall be the desired sense of belonging.


The human instincts to connect and relate with other beings like ourselves and become comfortable and safe with established familiarity, is the root cause of our tribal, ethnic and religious politics and is justifiable as it is the first evaluation criteria of recruitment choices that we make, in the absence of any other objective evaluation criteria.
When we have other criteria such as desired job results and impact, job description, required experiences, skills and competences, we as rational humans will modify our choices of recruitment because the effect of their performance will be personal and with practice, this unproductive evaluation criteria will be done with for the good of us all.

While rational peoples of other nations are thinking of the next century, we that pride ourselves as a most intelligent set of people would rather go back to pre- 1914 and do what exactly?
We must appreciate that even if we break our nation into 6, 37 or 774 countries, our fortunes will only get worse, as the politicians who today at all levels are unable to provide proper governance in Nigeria will still be incapable of doing the same as no miracle will happen to make them become capable and competent saints tomorrow when we break up?


Unfortunately, the mutual distrust amongst the political leadership has percolated to all levels; the societal, communities, groups and family levels and become so ingrained such that people have largely become passive aggressive, never speaking their minds when required to do so, but would rather prefer to input motives to the others’ actions and privately complain in their bedrooms about how this person, group community, tribe or ethnicity are taking actions to the detriment of others and failing to see that such actions are really to no body’s benefits. We must begin to relearn the benefit of the doubt and enlightened self-interest.
The adjective mediocre in the dictionary refers to ‘of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate. I was always under the impression that, mediocre referred to the worst. Against the above definition, do you think that if our public governance was only average or mediocre, we would be where we are? Of course not! So, it must mean that we have produced results that are worse than mediocre and could be classified as sub mediocre or super mediocre. This should sober us up. When we refer to the practice of putting round pegs in round holes, that is only one leg of the requirement, the other leg is planning the results that are required.


The women population is approximately half of our population if not more and thus national productivity can be viewed in similar proportions. What sense does it therefore make to discount this proportion by discriminating against women?
Our disposition to service is largely poor, where service is when one assumes or is assigned a responsibility to discharge for or on behalf of others and nothing speaks to this more clearly than the fact that we have degraded substantially, as almost everything managed by Nigerians, not only in the public sector tends to degrade instead of continuously improving. So, this must tell us something as we are Nigerians serving ourselves and must take the full responsibility if we are to make meaningful change in our fortunes going forward.
To effectively make progress not only do we need to leave somethings in the past we must review our politics in some reliefs for a better appreciation of our folly.

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