Nigeria’s 22 plants generate 4,085.70Mw The Nation Newspaper

Nigeria’s 22 electricity generating plants yesterday produced 4,085megawatts (Mw) at 2 pm, The Nation learnedt.

The System Operator (ISO) of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) made this known in its “List of GenCos and their MW Load at14:00 hour on 12/09/2022.”

According to the data, Afam IV & V (Gas) produced 70Mw with two units. Afam IV (Gas/Steam) with four units generated 00MW while Alaoji NIPP (Gas) with one unit produced 111.30kW.

The document also noted that Azura Edo IPP (Gas) produced 390Mw with three units.

Dandikowa GS (Hydro), said the SO, generated 35.80Mw with two units and with seven units, Delta (Gas) generated 278Mw.

It noted Egbin (Steam) produced 454Mw with three units as Geregu NIPP (Gas) produced 120Mw with one unit and Ibom Power (Gas) generated 25.30Mw.

The data said Ihovbor NIPP (Gas) generated 00MW with two units while Jebba (Hydro) produced 425Mw with five units.


The SO added that Kainji (Hydro )generated 371Mw, with five units. It also noted that Odukpani NIPP (Gas) with three units generated 292.96Mw and Okpai (Gas/Steam) produced 390Mw with three units.

Olorunsogo (Gas) generated 103.390Mw with three units, Omokhunu (Gas) generated 50.50Mw with three units and Omotosho (Gas) produced 93.40MW with three units.

The SO said Omotosho NIPP (Gas) generated 102.20Mw with one unit, Paras Energy (Gas) generated 47.00MW with seven units and Rivers IPP (Gas) produced 148.00MW with one unit .

According to the data, Sapele (steam) generated 49Mw with one unit, Shiroro (Hydro ) produced 448.00MW with four units and Trans Amadi (Gas) generated 62Mw with four units.

The hydro power plants were generating higher MW than the gas and steam plants apparently due to the rainy season.

On the other hand, from the distribution end, at 5:14 pm yesterday 12th the SO allocated 3,332Mw to the 11 electricity distribution companies (DisCos), The Nation learnedt.

The Distribution Load Profile of the SO, noted that Abuja Electricity Distribution Company received 451.0Mw, Benin Electricity Distribution Company got 225Mw while Eko Electricity Distribution Company was allocated 414Mw.

The document added that Enugu Electricity Distribution Company got 321Mw, Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company received 405Mw as Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company was allocated 405Mw.

According to the data, the SO allocated 192Mw to Jos Electricity Distribution Company, 225Mw to Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company, 237Mw to Kano Electricity Distribution Company, 242MW and 96Mw to Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company and Yola Electricity Distribution Company.


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