NSAs from India, Brazil and South Africa speak about cross-border terror at the meeting

Senior security officials from India, Brazil and South Africa said on Wednesday in a veiled notice on Pakistan that terrorism, particularly cross-border terrorist activities carried out through state support, continues to pose the greatest threat to global peace and security.

The topic was presented at a virtual meeting of IBSA National Security Advisors hosted by NSA Ajit Doval. The IBSA (India, Brazil, South Africa) has become an important tripartite group to promote cooperation in various fields. It was the first meeting of the member states’ NSAs. The meeting was convened in preparation for the next IBSA summit. India is the current chairman of the IBSA.

“The participants agreed that terrorism, especially cross-border terrorism carried out through state funding, continues to represent the greatest threat to global peace and security and must be fought with united forces,” said a statement by the MEA. The three countries also decided to improve cooperation in exchanging information, exchanging best practices and focusing on capacity building. At the meeting, maritime security was identified as an important area for future cooperation.

“It was agreed to strengthen the anti-piracy and drug and human trafficking mechanisms, and to ensure the safety of the sea routes for communications and energy, and the sustainable use of marine resources, including fishing,” the MEA said. The next round of the trilateral sea exercise “IBSAMAR” will take place at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar spoke to his counterparts from Great Britain and Saudi Arabia and discussed the situation in Afghanistan.

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