NSN laments high hunger and malnutrition rates in Nigeria

By Chinedu Adonu

The Nutrition Society of Nigeria, NSN, has stated that Nigeria is plagued by a twin tragedy of soaring hunger and malnutrition caused by a lack of adequate food intake.

The society also commissioned the federal government to urgently combat the insecurity in the country in order to ensure food security.

The President of the Society, Dr. Wasiu Afolabi, left the notice during the opening ceremony of a 5-day 51 an increase in hunger and malnutrition, “which is the main concern of the conference.”

Afolabi said Nigeria’s case is made worse by diseases and malnutrition, which leave people suffering not only from malnutrition but also from overeating.

He said the conference was a scientific one, held annually to allow nutritionists across the country to “interact and share experiences about research and programs.”

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“Globally, it has been shown that hunger and malnutrition are increasing because of so many drivers. We also have a situation in Nigeria where we have a double burden of disease and malnutrition.

“We have a large number of people who are malnourished and we also have a large number of people who are over-nourished,” he said.

Malnutrition in Nigeria is marked by stunting, wasting and obesity in children under 5, according to the NSN chief, indicating that Nigerians will lead healthy lives with an adequate nutritional system and a balanced diet.

He further complained: “We have a situation in which we have malnutrition among children under the age of 5, which is characterized by stunted growth, emaciation and obesity. We also have problems with iron deficiency, Armenia in women and children.

“We also have high rates of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and obesity among adults. So we have a mix of over- and undernourishment in the country and these are products of inadequate food intake, and so people become malnourished and there are some people who over-ingest unhealthy foods which has resulted in a high noncommunicable diseases that are another cause of death ”.

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According to Afolabi, the north appears to have a greater number of malnourished people in Nigeria, but was quick to point out that it is gradually growing across the country due to the insecurity that has affected Nigeria’s food production.

To further clarify, he pointed out that “There is a high level of malnutrition in Nigeria. There are more in the northern part of the country, but the insecurity means that many people are now malnourished, ”he said, pointing out that the country should seriously address the insecurity problem so that adequate food can be produced.

He also cited factors that could lead to malnutrition, including the use of inorganic fertilizers to grow crops, which he believes could have negative effects on people’s health due to chemicals used in the manufacture of fertilizers Could affect people’s health over time.

However, the NSN boss advised farmers to be careful when applying inorganic fertilizer and instead to ensure maximum use of organic fertilizer.

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