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The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has labeled the new N 10,000 fee introduced by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as both insensitive and extremely malicious for not consulting the NBA prior to implementation.

This was disclosed by the stakeholder group in a statement released by Nairametrics on Friday.

The NBA said it expects CAC to consult with them prior to the introduction of the N10,000 revalidation fee by their agents, including members of the NBA.

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Below is the excerpt from the statement:

1. The NBA believes that it is both impervious and extremely malicious on the part of the CAC to continue this policy without proper consultation with the NBA, whose members comprise over 80% of the CAC’s customer base. This despite the fact that the NBA-CAC Task Force was in constant contact with the CAC to improve the efficiency and processes in the CAC.

2. We understand that following the commitments with the CAC, the Commission has extended the deadline from March 31, 2021 to June 10, 2021 and clarified that the payment will be a one-time fee. However, the NBA continues to believe that it is possible to create a clean database of accredited agents by asking those previously accredited by the CAC to simply update and reapply their records on the CAC portal validate (free of charge) or lose their accreditation within the new deadline. The mandatory fee charged by the CAC should not apply to existing users, but only to those customers who have never been accredited by the CAC and are now trying to be part of the system.

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3. The NBA is deeply concerned about the timing of this policy, at a time when many attorneys have resorted to epileptic services from the CAC and have either lost the trust of their clients or have been disappointed by clients who believe it Lawyers handle their instructions with ease.

This fact led to the establishment of the NBA CAC Task Force to provide a regular interface with the CAC in resolving issues related to its services. The available reports from the Task Force indicate that despite their commitment to the CAC, service levels are still quite miserable.

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4. The NBA urges the CAC to reconsider its position regarding the payment of the renewal fee by existing users and, more importantly, continue to work diligently to improve the customer experience by resolving and resolving the various complaints made by users of the system the efficiency can be increased. Resolving these problems will not only benefit the CAC and its customers, but will also greatly advance the federal government’s policy of facilitating business operations in Nigeria.

Members of the NBA can rest assured that we will continue to address these and other related issues with the CAC that affect their dealings with the Commission.

The statement:

NBA statement on the CAC policy

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