Olympic rugby South Africa sevens cleared after COVID-19 quarantine

CAPE TOWN (Reuters) – South Africa’s rugby sevens team, a favorite for medals at the Tokyo Olympics, has been released from quarantine and cleared for travel to Kagoshima City, where it will hold one final prep camp, SA Rugby said in an explanation.

The crew was forced into quarantine after a passenger tested positive for COVID-19 on their flight from Doha to Tokyo, which arrived Tuesday, with the South African side considered to be close contacts due to their proximity on the plane.

A review by Olympic officials has shown, however, that 17 of the 18 cadre members are no longer considered close contacts and are still allowed to participate in the games. The other member remains in quarantine and will join the roster at the Tokyo Olympic Village once cleared according to appropriate COVID protocols.

The men’s rugby sevens at the Olympic Games will take place July 26-28 at Tokyo Stadium.

Letter from Mark Gleeson; Editing by Kirsten Donovan

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