Paras Energy from Nigeria chooses Wärtsilä for power plant maintenance

Photo credit: Wartsilla

Nigeria-based independent power producer (IPP) Paras Energy has signed an agreement with technology company Wärtsilä to maintain three power plants.

As part of the five-year contract, Wärtsilä will help IPP to ensure the continued high availability, reliability and efficiency of the systems.

The tech company will also provide the IPP with important cost predictability for future budgeting purposes.

The three grid-connected plants include Wärtsilä’s 34SG gas engines and have a total generating capacity of 132 MW. The projects supply around 230,000 Nigerian households with electricity every year.

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In 2009, Paras Energy upgraded its facilities from gas turbine technology to gas engines, which are flexible and can quickly adapt the load to fluctuations in supply from renewable energy sources to ensure grid reliability.

The gas engines use less water compared to other models and were therefore perfect for Nigeria due to the country’s long dry season, according to a statement.

Using gas engines to meet growing base load energy needs will also help Nigeria meet its renewable energy target of 30 GW by 2030 under the Nigerian Agenda for Action on Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL).

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Yashwant Kumar, Managing Director of Paras Energy & Natural Resources Ltd, said: “We have been working successfully with Wärtsilä for twelve years. During this time we have developed a strong spirit of mutual respect and trust. So far we have managed and maintained these systems ourselves. However, we believe that Wärtsilä’s professional approach to growing and expanding our business provides the necessary support in developing our core business. “

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