Poachers killed two white giraffes in Kenya: animal rights activists concern

Protectionists in Kenya were shocked by news: poachers killed two white giraffes, unique in their territory. The authorities are looking for those responsible.

Through its official Twitter account, the conservation organization Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy He announced with great regret that it had found the remains of the animals and that it was very concerned about the situation.

According to international reports, the giraffe and its calf were completely white and had been discovered by specialists. Both were two great study specimens because of their genetic makeup. They had become the main attraction of the place but were tragically killed by predators in the area.

The motive for the murder of the rare specimens is still being investigated. According to IFLScience, this is attributed to the growth of farms in the Garissa County area where the two giraffes lived. According to the publication, nomadic shepherds in the area have started to establish themselves as farmers who have their crops near rivers. This situation forces older animals to enter the fields to drink water while the crops are damaged.

This prompted farmers to set traps to injure or scare away the giraffes, but it is also believed that they began to hunt them without concern. exotic white specimens considered an irreparable loss by researchers and nature lovers.

Unique and vulnerable

It is worth noting that the giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is an artiodactyl mammal from the Giraffidae family typical of Africa. It is the tallest of all existing land animal species, as it can reach a height of 5.8 m and a weight between 750 and 1600 kg.

In this particular case, the white giraffe is not an animal. Albino has lost pigmentation in its fur only because of a genetic trait called leucism. However, this animal continues to produce dark pigments in the white tissue and its eyes are dark.

It’s worth noting that leucism is a rare genetic mutation, but there are several types: white reindeer, white turtles, killer whales, and other animals have already been found. However, this trait makes them more vulnerable to predators and sometimes poachers who killed these two specimens in Kenya.

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