Politician behind current violence and instability in Nigeria – ex-Nigerian onochie

Former Nigerian ambassador to Algeria and the Philippines and chief of the People’s Democratic Party, Nnamdi Onochie, has blamed the undemocratic activities of the political class for the current political violence and instability in Nigeria.

Onochie also attributed the current storm of defectors among politicians belonging to the main dominant political parties in the country to the current heightened instability in Nigeria.

He also deplored the alleged failure of legislators in the National Assembly to enact a law preventing incumbent political incumbents from moving from one political party to another, and insists that this common and undemocratic practice among political actors in elections Question asks adequacy of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution.

Onochie, who recently showed his interest to compete for the presidential seat of Nigeria in 2023, made his position known in a statement made available to the DAILY POST on Friday, adding that inequality, lack of fairness and that The puzzles of ethnicity, religion, nepotism, and favoritism built in the current Nigerian environment have become major blockages in the wheel of progress and development of the nation.

However, the hopeful presidential candidate announced that he would restructure Nigeria, unite all the people of the nation and uphold the national ethos, as well as convene a Truth, Peace and Reconciliation Conference and create a people’s constitution and throw the military-imposed 1999 constitution overboard if emerge as president of the country.

The former Nigerian envoy to Algeria also said his government will address uncertainty through vigorous negotiations to end the atrocities of Boko Haram, Sahel-inspired bandits and sectarian violence, if possible, to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

Onochie continued to use the medium to listen to the collective need, cooperation and efforts of all genuine and patriotic citizens to find the best and most appropriate solutions to the myriad challenges and structural imbalances that make the unity and coexistence of Nigeria and its people threaten.

In his statement it says: “The signs of confusion and disorder in the political parties are already evident as the year of the special conventions 2022 approaches. Feverish defectors to other political parties have increased, while combinations of the convenience and perks of staying politically stable or loyal do not count. The disorder in the parties has become the forerunner of political violence and instability.

“The legal instruments to control such behavior deviations are completely lacking. It questions the eligibility of our 1999 constitution, including its amendments. There is certainly consensus today on the imperfections of the 1999 Constitution. What is my position as the PDP candidate for presidency in 2023?

“We will redeem Nigeria through zero corruption and IT whistleblowing to eradicate the malaise and prosecute defendants quickly based on the rule of law, as well as zero foreign borrowing and the use of treasury forex to import critical commodities and the Expansion of the infrastructure. “, And only use domestic funds.”

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