Porsha Williams & Kenya Moore’s Feud Timeline (Relive The Drama)

Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore have a long history of feuding at the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Here’s a look at what started their drama.

Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore finished the 13th season of The real housewives of Atlanta back to bad terms. The stars have had an unbroken friendship since their first appearance in season five. After welcoming their daughters just a few months apart, the two shared a short-lived relationship that delighted many show fans. But with Porsha becoming a trending topic due to their shocking engagement announcement to Simon Guobadia, Kenya is getting along with how much shadow Porsha is thrown in the way.

The two first appeared in the fifth season of RHOA. Kenya made a statement as the new drama queen was ready to face any housewife directly, while Porsha was a true housewife to her then-husband, Kordell Stewart. The newcomers started their premiere season in a nasty feud after Porsha mistakenly referred to the Miss USA winner as “Miss America”. The little slip rubbed the Detroit native the wrong way, igniting a minor feud that would continue into later seasons. Allegations of sleeping with married men and other rumors sparked age-old showdowns between the two housewives. During the season six reunification, things came to a head when Porsha and Kenya came up against some beating and Porsha Kenya pulled to the ground.

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In season 12, viewers saw the two new mothers put their differences aside and make amends. The birth of their daughters Brooklyn Daly and Pilar Jhena brought a sense of camaraderie between longtime enemies. During a cast trip to Greece, the two confirmed their new bond by sharing a photo of their daughters. “Best friends,” Kenya included in her post, where her little girls hung around in their strollers. It was the first time that viewers had the opportunity to see a peace deal between the show stars. But as they became more comfortable with motherhood and their two romantic relationships came to an end, the feud flared up again and Porsha and Kenya were once again in the shadows.

During a parenting event, Porsha expressed disdain for Kenya, implying that she was there for Porsha’s best friend Shamea Morton during her pregnancy. When Kenya’s marriage to Marc Daly came to an end and Porsha broke off her engagement to Dennis McKinley because of his betrayal, the peace treaty between the new mothers ended. Porsha’s unknown activity with an exotic dancer at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party gave Kenya the fuel it needed to spread rumors about her enemy. After the Dish Nation host opened a full investigation into calling Porsha, he accused Kenya of embarrassing her.

Now that Porsha is shocking the public with her engagement announcement, Kenya has received the perfect ammunition to throw at her co-star. She’s been under fire ever since she confirmed her advert with Simon, the future ex-husband of her ex-boyfriend Falynn Guobadia. With Falynn featured on the show as “Porsha’s girlfriend”, many show fans are calling her out for the apparent betrayal. After the news broke, Kenya went to their Instagram story to post a video clip of Nicki Minaj saying “DID I LIE ?!” She also expressed her support for Falynn when she posted a statement regarding her divorce. It looks like fans can expect more shadows to be cast between Porsha and Kenya in season 14.

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