President Muhammadu Buhari: Nigeria Leader, MTN Group Meeting – Wetin We Learn

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The Nigerian President will meet a team from the MTN Group on Friday, June 18, 2021.

Muhammadu Buhari says I believe it will be a useful opportunity to discuss how the Nigerian government is getting the telecommunications company to simply run the slide business.

Nigerian leader says that at goment dey is implementing a number of policies and programs to ensure institutions like MTN create a favorable environment for doing business in di contri.

MTN is one of the largest telecommunications networks within the West African countries.

The development of Nigeria’s digital economy is making the telecommunications sector a leading light in the Nigerian economy, Buhari adds.

The information and communication technology sector emerged as the fastest growing sector in both the fourth quarter of 2020 and all of 2020, based on the report by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Na wetin di president unveiled the MTN group during the di meeting.

The Di sector’s double digit growth rate of 14.70% plays a major role in helping our country exit the recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Buhari adds that they identify and address the key challenges affecting the growth of the digital economy sector.

One of these challenges is high right of way costs and the destruction of critical national infrastructures.

“I am pleased to inform you that the right of way fees for a maximum of N145 / lm no longer apply.

“And I am not giving guidelines for the protection of critical national infrastructures and I am not addressing the subject of vandalism of such infrastructures.” Buhari tok.

Service providers should always value, not undermine, government efforts.

I tell MTN to continue to support the government’s efforts by developing high quality connectivity to Nigerians in unserved and underserved areas

“Nigeria is your most lucrative market in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and the source of a third of the income for the entire MTN group.

“So we ask you to provide quality, affordable service to Nigerians.

In particular, President Muhammadu Buhari says that right now MTN is going to continue to support the diabetic efforts:

Improve the quality of service and, given your large market in Nigeria, allow a downward price review of the cost of data and data services.

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