R10 billion massive internet cable goes live in South Africa

Data center company Teraco has announced that the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable is now live and available for connection in all three data centers across South Africa.

The ACE stretches around 17,000 km along the west coast of Africa and connects 24 countries before being transported back to Teraco via MTN South Africa, the landing partner.

ACE has been tasked with helping the cost-effective delivery of broadband services and digital applications to education, healthcare and other electronic services, reaching an estimated 410 million people, representing 5.16% of the total world population.

13 of the 16 countries connected by ACE are in Africa. Of these 13, seven were connected to the global Internet backbone for the first time via the cable network.

ACE represents a total investment of approximately 700 million US dollars (10 billion rand) and consists of two fiber pairs with a design capacity of 20 Tbit / s. The latency is 145 milliseconds from Paris to Cape Town and 135 milliseconds from Lisbon to Cape Town.

Michelle McCann, Head of Interconnection and Peering at Teraco, says South Africa is an important service access hub for sub-Saharan Africa.

“Our position as a hyper-connected colocation provider in Africa enables us to cope with the increasingly demanding level of global data traffic. This platform sets us apart as one of the leading platforms for modern hybrid architecture in Africa, ”she said.

McCann added that companies now have ways to more effectively address their digital transformation and the speed at which it is happening.

“ACE is now equipped to offer 100 Gbps, which maximizes the ability to connect to the Internet. This increased capacity and reach across Africa will bring direct benefits to data-driven organizations while supporting the further development of the entire Internet ecosystem. “

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