Raila promises to make Kenya another country in five years if it is elected president

ODM leader Raila Odinga says he has the experience needed to advance the country and compete with developed nations.

During his 77th birthday party on Friday in Bomas, Kenya, Odinga said he has visited developed countries or lived where he has had the opportunity to see firsthand how efficient governments work.

Raila promised to do the same thing in Kenya when it is elected president this year, saying it is possible to improve the country’s economy provided the mindset of the country’s leadership changes.

“We can transform this country and make it an industrialized country. I know, I lived in Germany for many years. Germany was destroyed during the World War and within 15 years it had built its economy and it was stronger than the economies of the victorious powers. If you went to Germany and Great Britain, you would think Great Britain lost the war and Germany won, ”explained Raila.

“It is possible to change, but we have to change the way we do things; we need to change the way we approach a country’s development. China was able to lift 300 million people from poverty to middle income status, China now has the highest middle income in the world … over 300 billionaires in 30 years. Ata hapa tunaweza. “

Raila, who serves as the African Union’s high representative for infrastructure development, said Kenya will be a different country in five years when he replaces President Kenyatta.

“That’s why I want to work with the youth of this country. Wherever you go, leave with a message; that August 9th of this year is a day of the transformation of this country, on this day we lay the foundation stone for the transformation. “

Odinga stated that the blueprint for the country’s development under the Vision 2030 banner was drawn up during the coalition government in which he served as prime minister.

“Kenya is strategically located on the east coast of Africa, there are so many countries in our hinterland. We have a large market that we can supply with goods made in Kenya, ”he added.

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