Realto Identifies Five Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Nigeria

Chindedu Eze

A realtor has urged Nigerians to invest in real estate without heating because its benefits are invaluable.

In a discussion with the Commercial Executive at Ramos Realty, Samson Asenguah, he identified some of the benefits of investing in real estate in Nigeria and these include the fact that Nigeria, being one of the most populous countries in Africa, makes it one of the reasons why investing in real estate should be a viable venture as it is a huge market for untapped investments.

Asenguah disclosed that many people shy away from investing in real estate because they believe it requires huge capital to operate; however, it is possible to start on a small scale, adding that that real estate investment has several benefits and with the state of the country, investing in real estate is a sure way to make wealth.

He identified some of the benefits to include financial security, noting that although the pandemic affected a lot of things including the cost of importing building materials and the likes, real estate is not volatile like other businesses and the risks of losing your investment is not so high.

“This is one of the key benefits of becoming a real estate investor because you are assured of the safety of your investments. Real estate investors make their profits through property appreciation, rentals and gains gotten from activities related to the property,” he said.

On collateral assets, Asenguah said, “Collateral are valuables a lender accepts as a security for loan. Investing in real estates gives you the opportunity to loans at banks as your landed properties can be used as a security to get the loan approved. Having a collateral asset serves as a guarantee for the repayment of your loan for the banks.”

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