SAS crackshot and Kenya hotel attack hero designs signature pistol to help special forces


Christian Craighead has designed and named the new weapon with the aim of helping special forces in combat, something he understands deeply from his own hair-raising experiences

Christian Craighead designed and named the new pistol

Image: christian_craighead/Instagram)

An SAS crackshot who saved civilians from terrorists at a Kenya hotel has designed and named a new pistol to help special forces troops in combat.

Sharp-shooter Christian Craighead, 46, won the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his actions during the 2019 siege, in which he took on jihadi terrorists almost single-handedly.

Christian was shot and wounded after racing to the Nairobi hotel on his day off from training Kenyan troops, repeatedly going into the hotel to rescue hostages.

The attack left 22 civilians and all five terrorists dead.

Christian was decorated for his military service



Christian Craighead with the new pistol



Christian, from Newcastle, says he’s put all his military and combat experience into making the ZEV Technologies OZ9 Craighead – a compact semi-automatic pistol.

He said: “The first time I shot someone in combat was with a pistol so I know the importance of a reliable sidearm. It’s important we have the right tools for the job.”

It is thought that the weapon will be trialled with special forces

The pistol bears a bleeding heart from Captain Blackbeard’s flag – a lucky emblem for Christian – and an hourglass to show how key time is in a firefight.

It is thought the weapon will be tested by special forces in the next few weeks.

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