Senegal asks Nigeria for assistance in the oil and gas sector

The Senegalese government is asking Nigeria to help develop its country’s oil and gas sector, reports the Nigerian news agency.

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources Chief Timpre Sylva received Senegalese Energy Minister Aissitou Gladima and her delegation in Abuja, saying that Africa must come together and work to support the region’s development and reduce the over-reliance on foreigners for growth.

“I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you. As I said, it is important that we come together as a region, because as the saying goes, you have to say yes before someone from the outside says yes to you. We as Africans need to come together to work together to find a way forward. We cannot continue to rely on Europe and the outside world, ”he said.

He said that oil production in Nigeria began in 1937 but commercial discoveries were made in the 1950s, adding that the first commercial discovery was made in 1956 and the first cargo of crude oil left Nigeria in 1958.

Regarding local content, he said that Nigeria has increased its local content from three percent in the last 10 years to around 43 percent and that the growth target is 70 percent by 2027.

In her remarks, Gladima thanked her Nigerian counterpart for the hospitality that was shown to her delegation.

She said Nigeria’s more than 50 years of oil exploration experience is a great example for Senegal as it begins to develop its own oil and gas industry.

She expressed her country’s interest in joining the African Petroleum Producers’ Organization (APPO) to support the development of the oil sector in Senegal.


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