Should the Mt. Kenya region vote as a bloc in 2022?

Politics has to do with interests. The American political scientist Harold Lasswell said many years ago that politics is about who gets what, when and how.

The people of Mt. Kenya should wholeheartedly vote for a candidate who cares about their best interests. Any presidential candidate is welcome in the region to sell their manifesto.

The people should then weigh the agenda of each of these candidates and support one candidate.

That way we will be able to ask questions even after 2022. So I beg the people of Mt. Kenya to unite and make sure they make a wise decision.

This should not be interpreted as tribalism. Our unity will be our strength. Leaders should be at the forefront of uniting the region. This is the time to speak with one voice.

A voice that touches coffee, tea, milk and other important issues that directly affect our employees.

Mount Kenya cannot afford to be economically and politically discriminated against by the government.

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