South Africa Data 5,297 New COVID-19 Circumstances, 318 Deaths – SABC Information

A total of 5,297 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have been identified since the last report. This emerges from the statement by the Ministry of Health on Saturday evening.

“Regrettably, 318 additional deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported: Eastern Cape 85, Gauteng 53; Kwa-Zulu Natal 112; Mpumalanga 15; Northwest 6; North Cape 3 and West Cape 44 ”, it says in part in the declaration.

The latest new death toll brings the death toll in the country to 43,951.

A total of 1,292,921 people have recovered from the virus, a recovery rate of 89%.


South Africa will receive its first 1 million doses of vaccine from the Indian Serum Institute on Monday.

SA vaccination strategy:

Mediclinic doctor Gerrit de Villiers says they usually have an intensive care unit and a high care capacity of 1,000 beds and 850 ventilators.

“Beds and ventilators in the intensive care unit are the most stressed because the intensive care units and ventilation beds and ventilators in many hospitals are full. Our current ventilation capacity and high flow oxygen device capacity are under pressure as the demand for this level of care remains very high. Currently, with the second surge in COVID-19, the total number of patients admitted in some hospitals has topped the first wave peak at around 75% and in some hospitals by 100%. “

The coronavirus vaccine is given for free: Professor Karim

Professor Salim Abdool Karim, co-chair of the COVID-19 Advisory Committee of Ministers, says the government-sourced COVID-19 vaccines are given free of charge.

He says funding for the vaccines will come from the Treasury Department and various medical aid programs.

“The vaccines that are bought for COVID-19 are bought centrally by the government. As far as I know, the vaccines are provided free of charge to anyone who is vaccinated. The actual funding comes from the Treasury Department and the medical supplies also contribute to the cost, but there is no cost to the person receiving them. “

Some health workers are skeptical of the vaccine:

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