South Africa has the most dangerous roads in the world. India in fourth place: study

Johannesburg, March 19 (PTI) South Africa has been ranked the most dangerous country in the world to drive, according to a research study by the international driver training company Zutobi, while India ranks fourth.

Out of the list of 56 countries in the study, Thailand came second and the US came third.

The safest roads in the world are in Norway, with Scandinavian neighbor Sweden having the third safest roads while Japan ranks second, according to the study.

“We analyzed each country against five factors and gave each country a normalized score of ten for each factor before we came up with an average endpoint for all five factors,” said Zutobi.

These factors included estimates of the number of road deaths per 100,000 population; the percentage of vehicle occupants wearing seat belts when driving in front of a vehicle; and the proportion of road deaths attributable to alcohol consumption above the national legal limit.

These estimates were based on the data archive of the World Health Organization’s Global Health Observatory.

The maximum speed limit for restrictions on motorway and blood alcohol levels in the various countries has also been taken into account.

However, Zutobi’s findings have been questioned by Justice Project SA (JPSA), an NGO that aims to improve road traffic laws and enforcement in South Africa.

Howard Dembovsky, chairman of the JPSA, while agreeing that South Africans are more likely to be poor drivers, said Zutobi used outdated numbers in his study.

Dembovsky also asked why South Africa was the only African country on his list.

“It’s a little unfair to blame ourselves for being the worst in the world. If you want to talk about the worst countries in the world, you have to take a balanced approach, ”Dembovsky said in an interview with Cape Talk radio station when commenting on the bad driving in his country.

“(South African drivers) have a shocking road safety record. As much as I would rely on this so-called study, there is still ample evidence that South Africans are dangerous and reckless drivers and neglect the safety of others on our roads, ”he said. PTI FH HDA HDA

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